The first edition of Flo's Film Club was held at The Soho Hotel and featured the work of four London-based female directors.

The evening was also in support of Women's Aid and culminated with a Q&A hosted by film critic Hanna Flint.

To support Women's Aid please go to their website here.

Scroll down for more information about the films screened.


To The Sea (2020)
Dir. Martha Treves

Exploring the consequences of a mother's abandonment, To the Sea is a coming-of-age narrative of disillusioned adolescents in an idyllic rural environment. The film follows the aftermath of a mother’s departure from her family home - leaving her two children bewildered and parentless. Shifting between denial, rage and distress, Maya and her brother Finn embark upon a journey into unknown territory as guidance is lost and boundaries begin to blur. Unwilling to leave their mother’s domain, the children remain in the house, sure that she will return at any moment.


Husk (2018)
Dir. Emily Seale-Jones

A Sister tries to pull the shattered pieces of her life back together, after an unimaginable event, that took place a year before to the day, ripped her into a state of paralysis.


Grounds (2019)
Dir. Phoebe Torrance

A wallflower is thrust into a dilemma with her best friends charming brother. At what point is consent given; do our actions speak for themselves or is verbal expression a necessity.


The 10 minute film shot in London explores the sensitive and prevalent topic of consent, a theme discussed more than ever in today's society, especially in the wake of the MeToo movement. The film does not endeavor to explain who is right or who is wrong, there is no villain in this story. Grounds is a film that ignites a conversation and suitably a debate among the audience.


A Bit Of Fun (2020)
Dir. Florence Kosky

A short film shot entirely on 16mm that explores love and loss through the parameters of female friendship.